B&T / Expertise

The modern threat faced by the world’s law enforcement, police, armed forces and homeland security services has changed significantly in recent decades. Only a few manufacturers of small arms have taken this change so much to heart as B&T. For the last thirty years from Thun Switzerland, B&T has become a specialist supplier of weapons systems, firearms suppressors, weapon upgrades and accessories. Instead of large volume series production as was the norm before the end of the Cold War, B&T produces individual, tailor-made solutions for police agencies, special units and the military. This attention to detail and precision is also much appreciated by many sport shooters who can depend on the same quality products as used by professionals.

As varied as current security threats can be, so are the individual solutions provided by the team at B&T. The engineers, developers and the leadership come from many different countries all with a unique skill sets. The team of around ninety persons in Thun, Switzerland and ten persons in the US respond quickly to individual needs and customer requests. This has resulted in the development of many innovative products over the years thanks to the virtues of active listening and constant experimentation and testing. This form of consistent customer orientation requires expertise and solution competence combined with years of experience and just plain “Know-How”.

The headquarters of B&T AG is in Thun, Switzerland.

Suppressors – the pioneer product

B&T was an early leader in the field of firearm sound suppressor technology. The need for sound reduction of firearms has moved over the past thirty years from the realm of Hollywood films to the need of real world applications. Many of the world’s special units realized the application of this type of technology and how it will help safely accomplish the more dangerous and risky missions that they are being called upon to perform. In the beginning, Switzerland had some of the most enlightened firearms laws in Europe which enabled the founder of the company, Karl Brügger to experiment with various designs. Some of these designs, after going through several series of development changes eventually went on to become very successful and benchmark products in the industry. A B&T suppressor just doesn’t go “Pop” when used on a firearm; it solves many of the engineering conflicts that exist between size, weight, and mounting, plus flash and noise reduction. This gentle sound is what convinces customers worldwide of Swiss made suppressors over a wide range of calibers and weapons. That is also why many of the world’s best known OEM producers of pistols, rifles, submachine gun and machine guns have standardized on B&T suppressors.

Some thoughts on upgrades

All aspects of suppressor design require competence in several divergent disciplines. The most important is perhaps the correct mounting and function of the suppressor on the firearm. This “know-how” carries over into accessories, mounts and upgrades of a weapon. Everything that is mounted on an individual firearm must be both precise and stable which must result in a steady and solid platform. Buttstocks, optic mounts, scope rings, lights and rail handguards are just a few of the accessories items that B&T produces for a very wide variety of weapons platforms. This is where Swiss discipline, attention to detail and exacting engineering standards set a very high quality standard that is uncompromising in terms of functionality and practical applications.

A weapon system is more than the sum of its parts

A standard or generic service weapon is no longer demanded by police, militaries and special operations groups. In these days of specialization, one size does not fit all. It has been replaced by weapons systems as are more tailored to the specific missions and even to specific operators. For example, close protection teams working in plain clothes will require a different weapon than a normal patrol policeman or special intervention unit. This fact makes it only logical that B&T develop its own weapons systems that are flexible and even modular. This product selection varies from a dedicated suppressed pistol to various semi-automatic and select fire weapons to precisions rifles for both urban and long distance applications. The product team at B&T takes a deliberate in-house development route which might take more time but results in a much better product. The results are often an ingenious firearm system that once again pays tribute to Swiss ingenuity, ergonomics, and compatibility in a range of variations and calibers tailored to the requirements of the user. As a rule, B&T is not satisfied with normal market standards but always goes a step further and sets new benchmarks. A good example of this would be the innovative hydraulic buffer which is found on all calibers of the APC family of weapons.

B&T is much more than just a producer of suppressors. From the company’s original specialization, the team has developed a complete product range around some truly unique design. Added to this is a typically Swiss attitude and high-tech manufacturing infrastructure that makes products internationally affordable and absolutely competitive in all categories.