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B&T Apparel 2023

We are pleased to be able to present the current (+)

B&T Apparel 20232023-05-25T17:18:40+02:00

Restructuring Flagship Store

When we opened the B&T Shop almost 10 years ago, we didn't know where the journey would lead...

Restructuring Flagship Store2022-03-28T15:20:47+02:00

Police Days 2022

After we had to cancel the Police Days in 2021 with a heavy heart due to the pandemic, we are starting a new attempt this year...

Police Days 20222022-06-17T12:38:55+02:00

30 Years Anniversary

What began in 1991 in a small backyard workshop in Spiez, Switzerland has transformed into a recognized manufacturer of suppressors, small arms, and accessories. B&T is not just a manufacturer of state-of-the-art small arms....

30 Years Anniversary2021-06-25T13:39:02+02:00

Under the current "Corona conditions" and the accompanying critical situation development, we cannot guarantee an event in terms of content and organization...


The APC10 in test at MAC

"I fell in love" - if someone says that about a gun, that's pretty special. But after the APC9, the guys from the American Military Arms Channel (MAC) really wanted to test the APC10 and they were really more than excited about the quality, precision and the mild, damped recoil of the semi-automatic …

The APC10 in test at MAC2020-07-28T15:59:14+02:00

An SMG that accepts Glock magazines

One of the more interesting products B&T offers is the possibility to convert the standard APC9 and GHM9 to accept Glock and SIG 320 pistol magazines …

An SMG that accepts Glock magazines2020-07-28T15:58:44+02:00

Perhaps the most environmentally friendly small arms manufacturer…

The B&T leadership has implemented many polices to mitigate the effects of these processes. For example, the use of environmentally friendly lubricants and coolants plus the recycling of metal waste produced in the in production process …

Perhaps the most environmentally friendly small arms manufacturer…2020-07-28T15:19:07+02:00

APC K PRO wins US tender

Sub Compact Weapons (SCW) are used for personal protection. B&T has now won the US Army's tender in this category with a modified APC K PRO …

APC K PRO wins US tender2020-07-28T16:04:53+02:00


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