Long range precision:
APR308 / APR338

The APR308 / APR338 is a precision, bolt action rifle for medium and long range target acquisition.  The rifle is currently offered in both .308 Win. and .338 Lapua Magnum calibers. The APR (Advanced Precision Rifle) was developed together with both special forces and police snipers. Thanks to the intuitive control and sophisticated ergonomics and the weapon is easily adapted to any shooter. The APR has undergone extreme Swiss Army testing and has proven itself in the heat of the desert as well as in the arctic cold.

B&T has three variants of the APR:

The APR338 is the ideal marksman’s rifle for long range shooting out to and beyond 1000 meters. It is very precise as it is effective when combined with the excellent terminal ballistics of the .338 Lapua Magnum cartridge.

The APR308 was developed for medium shooting distances up to 1000 meters. The wide selection of .308 Win ammunition makes this very practical.

The APR308-P is the police version in .308 Win. It is distinguished by a shorter barrel to ensure good handling in urban environments.

Overview APR variants

APR308 / APR338