B&T as a system supplier:
Accessories à la carte

Any system is more than the sum of its parts. B&T has been producing weapon upgrades and accessories from the beginning. Thanks to the culture of Swiss precision and a wealth of personal and professional experience all B&T accessories tailored to the to the right weapon for the right application. The products produced by B&T are so well designed and produced that many of the OEM producers will actually buy B&T accessories for resale with their products.

B&T has a complete upgrade package for the following weapons systems:

• MP5
• G3
• G36
• 416
• 417
• M4/C7/C8 and clones
• MAG58

The more popular accessories are:

• Handgrips of various sizes
• Bipods
• Optic mounts for any optic
• Various stock configurations
• Brass catchers
• Sling attachments

Overview B&T accessories

Weapons accessories