B&T / Responsibility

B&T understands very well that all things are potentially harmful. Some medicinal plants may be poisonous if the dosage is not carefully controlled. Other useful products commonly found in our society such as automobiles can be deadly if not driven with care; sugar the sweetener that many love can cause many illnesses such as diabetes to obesity if not taken in moderation. The same principal of course applies to firearms, if not handled properly or if these should get into the wrong hands.

The Swiss natural philosopher Paracelsus recognized this paradox and described it as: “The dose makes the poison”. All things are contradictory and have both a dark and a light side; anything can be used for good and of course bad. This is especially true for weapons.

In a modern democratic society, the population has granted the state via our elected officials an allowance for the legitimate use of force. This is to maintain order in a well-functioning and free society. The firearms carried by and used by the police are beneficial to that society that it serves. These tools help create a safe community in which we live, work and move around. Our laws are enforced by the courts, justice system and the police with firearms are just one of many tools in the tool chest of options which hopefully will not be required.

Firearms can be used in many different roles such self-defense, national defense or for legitimate use of force by the police. It can also be piece of sporting equipment when used for hunting or target shooting. For B&T, the applicable of Swiss law is the standard and the obligation that it adheres to religiously. The company admits, we are well aware of the potential of our product and take our responsibility as a manufacturer very seriously.

Theophrastus Bombast von Hohenheim (1493 to 1541), called Paracelsus, was a Swiss physician, natural philosopher and social ethicist.