A personal sidearm with the effective range of a carbine:

The terrorist attacks on the Charles Hebdo offices in Paris on 13 November 2015 were the catalyst for this product. These disturbing images inspired the B&T development team to create a completely new category of Police sidearm. The first responders who arrive at the site of the incident were completely outgunned by the terrorists armed with assault rifles. The Police were forced to maintain a safe distance and to take cover behind their vehicles, while the subjects were able to make their escape. The normal pistol carried by the police didn’t have the accuracy for that distance and any rounds fired had a risk of endangering innocent bystanders.

The solution – The Universal Service Weapon (USW)
The B&T design team reinvented the historical concept of a handgun mounted with a shoulder stock for modern times. The USW extends the effective and accurate range of the service pistol by exploiting the human factor of a steady hold to the shoulder provides maximum stability. The 9×19 mm caliber USW is enhanced with a miniaturized Aimpoint red dot sight. In the role as a service pistol on patrol, the USW can be safely and easily carried in a special holster and used like a normal pistol in the event the stock is not needed. If a policeman is a “First Responder” to an active shooter event, he is able to take immediate action at a safe distance even against heavily armed terrorists. Magazines of 17, 19 and 30 rounds are available. The USW concept is also available as a conversion and upgrade kit for other widely used service pistols.

Overview USW variants