Less-Lethal Launcher:
GL06 with SIR ammunition

Public order events are very tricky situations for the Police. Violent criminal elements mix with peaceful protestors. Every action taken by the Police will be scrutinized many times over by the press, public and social media. Tear gas, rubber shot and water cannons are not always the right tool because of the risk of injuring or contaminating uninvolved persons. There is a real need for a very precise, safe and effective tool to deal with these situations.

That is why B&T has developed the GL06/SIR Less Lethal system. It is a system that will ensure only the selected subjects are exposed to the pain compliance plus at the same time greatly reduce the risk of injury third parties. The SIR (Safe Impact Round) is made of soft, closed cell foam. The effect of an impact rounds is similar to that of a hard fist punch. The popular German trade journal “Visier” (issue 8/2015) published a test report and confirms that at a distance of 30 meters, the SIR will produce a group of 35 mm making it perhaps the most accurate product of its type on the market.

The SIR is designed so that there is little or no chance of skin penetration even if fired at close range. The energy produced by the SIR is well below the recognized threshold of 0.1 Joule/mm² according to the Sellier table of wound ballistics. Impacts to the skin will however leave bruising but not internal bleeding.

There are of course training courses and a Use of Force policy that needs to be instituted before the deployment of the GL06/SIR. The head and neck area are not considered a target area unless lethal force is justified as per the laws of the country.

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