Specialties from Switzerland:
The B&T weapon family

B&T’s product portfolio is consistently oriented towards the needs of the police, law enforcement and military customers.
The following list helps you to find your way around our offering.

APC – Advanced Police Carbine

A weapon system designed not as a single product but a complete weapons family for police and special units in a wide array of calibers. The identical ergonomics and commonality of spare parts makes it ideal for units of any size with different missions and tasks.

SPC9 – Special Purpose Carbine 9mm

9mm carbine that incorporates many of the features found on the B&T APC9, MP5 and common
AR platforms of weapons

USW – Universal Service Weapon

A product in a special category of its own as it is neither a pistol nor a carbine. It is an excellent selection for patrol, plainclothes or close protection duties. The folding stock and Aimpoint sight provides excellent accuracy well beyond normal pistol ranges.

MP9/TP9 – Machine Pistol 9mm

Compact submachine gun for close protection, surveillance and plain clothes missions. The TP9 is the semi-automatic version.

SPR300 – Special Purpose Rifle .300

One of the most if not the most accurate and quiet short range sniper rifles currently on the market. An ideal solution for urban operations.

APR – Advanced Precision Rifle

A bolt-action precision rifle for medium to long shooting distances.

VP9 – Veterinary Pistol 9mm

A very unique, manually operated suppressed pistol.

GL06 – Grenade Launcher 2006

A very safe and accurate 40mm less lethal launcher for the public order and special team use.

GHM9 – Grasshopper Mouse 9mm

An economical 9mm carbine for sport shooters.