The SPR300 PRO is the latest generation of the sniper rifles designed for the .300 BLK round. The gun is not designed as a replacement for any .308 rifle but as a supplement to the existing sniper’s arsenal.

The product is designed for police work or special military operations in the current urban environment. The rifle provides excellent accuracy at 150 meters when used with subsonic ammunition, but can also be used with supersonic ammunition. It also produces a very discrete, low profile sound signature of 121-123 dB.

  • B&T Bolt Action Rifle SPR300, Cal. .300 BLK


The folding stock and removable suppressor will keep the weapon in zero when in transport. The stock is adjustable in height and length and customizable to the needs of the customer.

The rifle is equipped with the TIMNEY TRIGGER Hunter Elite. It is a self-contained fully adjustable sear engagement system made out of a machined aluminium housing and Teflon nickel coated and heat-treated tool steel trigger and other internal parts.