B&T Impuls-OLS Compact pistol suppressor, cal. 9mm

Especially for special units in the police or military sector, every gram of equipment counts during dynamic operations. The Impuls-OLS silencer has therefore been consistently designed for minimum weight with good noise reduction. Based on the proven
Impuls-IIA™ the Impuls-OLS is a very good choice not only for the mentioned user groups but also for civilian users. It can be used on many different types of pistols, provided the same connection thread is used.
According to customer specifications, the Impuls-OLS is available with various threads and therefore can be used with basically every standard pistol. Please specify weapon and thread when ordering.
For this reason the technical specification can vary from the values given below.

This item is available for order through the Flagship Store.

SKU: EN SD-988606-C #46755