B&T Suppressor for Springfield M14/M1A, cal .308 Win

The M14/M1A currently has a great revival as an DMR. In order to use the weapon even better, B&T offers different add-ons to improve the rifle, like the tailor made M14/M1A suppressor. Because of the quite unique flash hider, the suppressor consists of two parts. First a fixing lug is put over the flash hider and hooked behind the bayonet retainer, than the suppressor body is screwed on and tightened. The whole process takes less than 20 seconds. The suppressor does not only reduce the muzzle flash and the sound signature significantly, it also improves accuracy. Therefore the M14/M1A is much more versatile as an DMR.

This item is available for order through the Flagship Store.

SKU: EN SD-988344 #42807