Sub Compact Weapons (SCW) are used for personal protection. B&T has now won the US Army’s tender in this category with a modified APC K PRO – in an international competition against 13 renowned competitors. The US subsidiary B&T USA is supplying 350 of these personal protection MPs to the Army, with an option to purchase up to 1,000 more SCWs. The tender for this ultracompact MP defines a machine pistol in 9 x 19 mm caliber with single or continuous fire, especially for personal protection tasks for concealed command. If it has to be used, it should quickly create fire superiority at close range – with the greatest possible accuracy to avoid collateral damage. The weapon is delivered as a system with Aimpoint Micro-T sight. A silencer can be mounted via a thread or optionally lock.

With the APC K PRO B&T wins the tender of the US Army for personal protection MPs.