An arms producer with a keen environmental conscience. For years, B&T has been paying close attention to the environmental effects that any manufacturing process may have on the environment. The B&T leadership has implemented many polices to mitigate the effects of these processes. For example, the use of environmentally friendly lubricants and coolants plus the recycling of metal waste produced in the in production process. The use of geothermal heating, the electric company cars and a full array of solar panels on the roof also contribute to making B&T AG one of the more environmentally friendly businesses in the Thun area. Production at B&T is also certified according to ISO 14000 – the environmental management system ensures environmentally friendly production. The solar array system on the roof of the company building has an output of around 85 kWp, which can generate up to 80,000 kilowatt hours of energy per year. The amount of CO2 saved by the plant is over 42 tons annually and the electricity generated flows directly into B&T’s own electricity network. The surplus energy is fed back into the regional power grid benefiting the entire community of Thun.